Olympic memories

Have you got photos and memories from the Olympics through the ages?

Pinning The Queen's history

Have you celebrated a Royal Jubilee over the past 60 years or even seen a Royal visit?

Balboa Park

Celebrating the Centennial of the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition in San Diego, CA.

Me and My Chevy

Share your memories of your first cars, family holidays, road trips and more.

Amazing Grandparents

Is your Gran, Grandad, Nan or Pops awesome? Add your grandparents to our Hall of Fame.

Remember how we used to...

work, play, watch and listen, cook and clean, keep warm and celebrate. How did you used to do things?

Year of the Bay

What events, big and small, have shaped the San Francisco Bay? Share your memories.

Hurricane Sandy

Record, Remember, Rebuild: How have communities in the US and Caribbean been affected by Sandy?

Europeana 1989

Share your stories, photographs and videos about the Fall of the Iron Curtain.

Historypin 日本上陸!


Queens: Neighborhood Stories

Share the photos, videos, audio clips and stories that tell the history of your neighborhood.

Putting Art on the Map

Explore, curate and enrich the Imperial War Museums' First World War artworks.

Living With The Railroads

Help build a shared collection of life along the railroads.

Sourdough and Rye

A place to share Bay Area Jewish history

All Our Stories

Explore an archive of community projects funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Yarra Ranges: Changing Places

Celebrate the history of Yarra Ranges' high streets by sharing your photos and memories.

East at Main Street

Asian & Pacific Islander Americans mapping their history.

Hertfordshire on the Map

Explore the history of Hertfordshire and add your own photos and stories about the county.

Remembering Lincoln

A digital project to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

This Used to be Fields

Explore and contribute to a shared history of the Becontree Estate.

This Place Matters Australia

Share your stories, photos, videos and audio clips and help the National Trust celebrate the places that matter.

The Digital War Memorial

Explore unique creative responses to World War One made by local communities collaborating with artists.

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